2019: Seventy-Seven has born

From the cooperation between CUF Milano (a brand of Centrufficio) and Progetto CMR, the new operative line 77 has born: a high-technology content series, that plays on elements geometries and depths, to obtain a simple, elegant and with high performance final item.

The particularity of this line is a junction, produced ad hoc, that connects elliptic legs to triangular beams, obtaining in this way a new geometrical volume.

The worktops, with a reduced depth of 12 mm, are realized in melamine and has a particular width of 77 cm, for a better modularity of the system, even in the composition in which there is a perpendicular and final desk.

Another particularity is the central shelf: realized in varnished metal, can be equipped with a led strip and other accessories, like screens, pen and post-it leads.

Seventy-Seven line finds its perfect habitat in creative and technic workspaces, such as architecture or design offices or R&D divisions.

Starting from 01st May, 2019 Seventy-Seven is available ready to delivery – you can also place now the preorder!
More info: https://www.cufmilano.com/product/seventy-seven/