AAA Service srl – Allianz

For the company AAA service srl, Association of Agents Allianz, Centrufficio Loreto has completed the renovation of offices for a total area of 300 square meters.
The project specifically focused on the following points:
– bathroom renovation and small break area
– demolition and reconstruction of plasterboard walls
– creation and installation of a laminate flooring
– whitening of spaces
– lighting
– equipped walls of the Gemini line
– customizable maneuverable wall
– custom-made glass wall with special transparent glass 6 + 6 + acoustic pvb

For the Centrufficio furnishings, Loreto supplied:
– operating offices of the Doria line complete with Diana Gray operational seats with mesh backrest
– Directional offices Doria line executive, presidential and sled seats of the REM line

In the meeting room, in addition to the false ceiling and lighting, they were inserted as furnishings:
White meeting tables and Kicca chairs with blue padded upholstery and white polypropylene structure.
The need was to create different spaces that could guarantee a certain privacy while maintaining a visual continuity of the space, so as not to make it too fragmented.
The custom-made glass walls have indeed solved this need very well.
The custom window sticker with the company logo was also created.

vetrofiania_logo aaa service_sito
sala meeting_scrivania_sedute_controsoffitto
corridoio_pereti vetrate_uffici
sala meeting_scrivania_sedute_controsoffitto_2
parete vetrata_imbiancatura_parete attrezzata
parete vetrata_porta_parete attrezzata
saletta_pareti vetrate