About us

  • Our company is specialized in office furniture since 1986;
  • Our headquarter is in Milan, then we have in the nearby three warehouses (with a total of 25.000 mq) and the main offices;
  • Our turnover is of/about € 33.000.000 (2017), and we have about 150 employees.
  • Our main business are: office furniture, office seatings, office partition walls and contract (office turnkey).
  • We have a lot of items ready-to-delivery, so, for most of them, we can offer the delivery from our warehouse in 5 working days.
  • Recently, we’ve opened a specific


  • Our Mission is not to do more (more sales) but to do it better (that is take more care for Client service and assistance).
  • The Client and his full satisfaction are at the first place.
  • The continuous quality research, both in service and in product materials and production.
  • The most important treasure of our company is our employees and partners: they are the ones who know about the previous points and conduct them.


Our production is based in three different places, all in Italy:

  • Motta di Livenza (Treviso), where we produce semifinished products;
  • Mombaroccio (Pesaro-Urbino), where we realize industrial on demand items;
  • Francenigo di Gaiarine (Treviso), for packaging operations.

Our organization has three different production: industrial producion, middle-business and carpentry lab, to satisfy all the Client needs.


industrial producion we use big machineries for series production, so we can guarantee good quality with low prices, and ready-to-delivery items.

middle-business we use numeric-control machines, committed to special furniture or to restricted lines.

carpentry lab we have a special department, with designers and carpenters, that creates totally “on demand” furniture, based on the specific Client needs.