Mario Motti

Roberto Motti

Rossana Motti

Chiara Motti

Aurora Motti

Pioltello MI Via Sondrio, 12 


“Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Roberto Motti and I am the Director of Centrufficio Loreto S.p.A.


I founded this company 30 years ago, on 16.04.1986 to be precise, with my father Mario Motti.


I gave it the name “Loreto” because it was founded in Piazzale Loreto in Milan, where I was born and lived for forty years.


The company was originally created as a retail company, i.e. as a retailer of office furniture and seating.


Ten years later, we began to produce furniture, seats and partitions.
The company has now achieved considerable development, and I am proud of that.
I could include in this presentation the photos of our shops, warehouses, factories, but they are all “things”.


Instead, I prefer to include photos of the persons who made this company and who helped it thrive.


I will not be going on about how good and can-do we are or what our achievements have been, because I think that, ultimately, from the point of view of the customer that might be of limited interest.


The customer is interested in what the supplier can do for him, and not what the supplier does well or has done well in the past for himself.


This company, started from practically nothing, has had only one secret to its development over the years, up to reaching the stature it has today.
It has nothing to do with adopting a particular marketing strategy or the ability, inventiveness or acumen of its Director.


The secret to the birth and flourishing of a company like this is hard work everyday and the fact that all employees come to work in the company driven by the unceasing determination to do something to make sure that ‘things can keep on getting better’.
The recipe for our growth is just one thing, and it is called: work, work, work.


The people working in this company have one important thing in common: passion, passion for what they do, for their work.


A concept I have tried to teach my employees is the time factor, i.e. giving the customer firm deadlines and meeting them.
I have been harping on this subject for 30 years.
It has not been all that easy, because Italy is a Latin country where a culture of procrastination prevails and this is perhaps one of the reasons why we are at a disadvantage to the countries of Central and Northern Europe.
I hope I have succeeded in sharing this mentality with my staff.


More than ten years ago my daughter Rossana joined me in the work and running of the company, while she was still at University.


In 2017 my daughter Chiara, after a degree in Foreign Languages with Economics orientation, started working in the company, taking care of the export department.


In January 2019 the society changed its operative headquarter in a new building located in Pioltello, Milan, with a dimension of 15.500 sqm. and a stock capacity of more than 12.000 pallets.


In 2019 my daughter Aurora, after a degree in Economics, begun working into the company as a credit collector.


Our company, even if it has 161 employees, is still a family business with accessible owners; moreover, the very solidity of our company offers reassurance to our Customers.


Thank you for your attention and good wishes for your work.


Roberto Motti