Centrufficio Loreto spa is a member of FederlegnoArredo

The importance of the networking

Centrufficio Loreto Spa is an associate member of Assufficio, the national association of furniture and office furniture industries.
Assufficio is part of the group of associations underlying FederlegnoArredo.

FederlegnoArredo is the heart of the Italian wood-furniture industry that since 1945 defends know-how and supports the development of businesses; he is a spokesperson and ambassador for the taste of Italian living all over the world.

Its mission:
– Meet the wood and furniture entrepreneurs to support the desire to do business.
– Grow in numbers, strength and awareness.
– Create business opportunities.
– Develop the ability to respond to the changing market.

Assufficio gathers over 140 companies producing office furniture, equipped walls and seats representing 80% of national turnover.
They are companies that are freely associated and willing to cooperate in order to translate into a concrete commitment anything that is necessary to achieve continuous development and improvement, even at an international level, of the entire category to which they belong.

Themes, commitment and intentions shared by Centrufficio Loreto spa.