KOLZER is a leading manufacturer of vacuum coating systems, designed to last and built with the best components available on the world market. It operates in the vacuum treatment sector since 1950.
Our interventions for the offices of their headquarters were:
The flooring was made of stoneware on calcium sulfate, this choice guarantees a durable and easy-to-maintain solution, the stone effect of stoneware, also gives the space an elegant and contemporary look.
The false ceiling applied in the affected area has been realized with 60x60cm panels with a metallic finish, giving a chromatic continuity with the flooring.
The perimeter part of the offices, from the left side of the reference image, is a wall cladding with custom wall paneling made with a movable wall.
The wall-mounted wall with the storage function was made with the New Arianna line in white, the wall can be considered a storage unit with a primary storage function. On a structural level, the wall does not differ from any wardrobe and, as such, has a thickness sufficient to make it self-supporting.
The executive office has been delimited with a glass wall of the Idrawall line, a transparent glass solution with a horizontal line window to give more privacy and visually give a feeling of greater amplitude to the environment.
The furniture solutions that have been used for the operational offices belong to the Doria line, which represents the balance between operations and modularity; the essentiality of its design allows a modern personalization of the office. The desks have structures with metal legs combined with work surfaces in melamine reduced thickness melamine oak.
The reception was created with Doria Reception, the synergistic evolution of the Doria collection to ensure continuity with the solutions chosen for the operating stations. The essential geometric shapes with a strong horizontal connotation define the line by enhancing the thickness contrast between the vertical structural supporting parts and operative functional parts. The melamine faced parts are with a slightly veined white finish and the top selected is in a white back-lacquered glass.