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Around coffee table

Design Thomas Bentzen
A solution that echoes the ideas of Scandinavian design through the characteristic wood veneer frame that runs along the edge of the table.


Around coffee table introduces a new perspective in its typology through the characteristic veneered wood frame that runs along the edge of the table, echoing the ideas of Scandinavian design.
With its round shape and multiple sizes, Around coffee table can be used in a multitude of settings, alone or in groups, in any living room, lounge environment, lobby or hotel room.

Wood tables made of oak or ash plywood and solid oak or ash legs. Colored tables made of MDF or ash plywood and solid ash legs. The wood is carefully cut, bent, glued and polished to create a unique table. The strong lacquered surface protects the tables from everyday wear and tear.

Cleaning instructions
Clean the table with a damp cloth. If necessary, use only a mild detergent or dish detergent and not concentrated. Always wipe with a dry cloth afterwards. To minimize the risk of stains and marks, liquids, grease, etc. should be removed immediately.


designer thomas bentzen
Thomas Bentzen

Thomas Bentzen Industrial Design is a design studio based in Copenhagen, founded in 2010. His work is characterized by simplicity, rationality and functionality. With simple, narrative designs, he creates meaningful products for everyday life. His passion is to design products that engage and create curiosity, that are functional and simple, and meet the human need during use. He constantly explores form and function and the potential of materials in his quest to design durable and long-lasting products.

On his design philosophy:
“I like to create objects that are functional and simple, while fulfilling a human need when in use and creating joy when idle. For me, durability means quality, form and function and putting a tremendous amount of energy into turning virtues into necessities.”

On Scandinavian design:
“Scandinavian design has always been about honesty and functionality, including poems. I like it that way. I think Scandinavian designers have managed to bring their heritage to a time when we are no longer standing next to the woodworker, but are challenged and excited by new materials and new ways of producing.”


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