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Humanscale Design Studio
Humanscale’s Infinity LED office lamp embodies performance in a sleek, timeless design.

Humanscale's Infinity LED office lamp embodies performance in a sleek, timeless design.

Featuring a constant torque "Hinges Forever" for strength and stability in any position, Infinity's multi-array LED delivers long-lasting, high-quality light while casting a single shadow.

In keeping with Humanscale's philosophy of doing more with less, Infinity is designed from a functional perspective to create a stylish, long-lasting and globally appealing work light.

Infinity Light's "permanent hinges," a combination of dynamometric inserts and springs that ensure a balanced, easy-to-move arm, allow for seamless adjustment so users can position the light to suit their personal ergonomic preferences. Maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, the cables are hidden from view and run internally along the length of the precisely machined arm.


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Located in its New York City headquarters, Humanscale Design Studio is a concentration of designers, engineers, and prototypists from around the world. The team also regularly collaborates on projects with acclaimed industry figures. Adhering to the philosophy that good design achieves more with less, the team specializes in solving functional problems with simple, efficient designs. A holistic approach to ergonomics is taken with user experience and interaction with the front of the product.

The design team’s award-winning innovations are supported by their in-depth research into workplace trends and close collaboration with Humanscale’s in-house team of ergonomic consultants.


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