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Martin Ballendat, Sedus Design Team
Work used to be an emotionless world, but today it is becoming a more meaningful part of life where it is important to really enjoy what you do. This development is reflected in offices that have been transformed into rooms that offer more freedom and give rise to designs such as Sedus:joy.

A modern design, comfortable seating and intuitive functionality make it perfect for all office areas where movement is the order of the day, be it conference rooms, temporary project areas or home offices. Se:joy is just fun - not least because it offers excellent value for money.

Everyone likes it. Without compromising.

Comfortable seating can be a real challenge when different employees use the same workspace. After all, preferences vary, and all users - tall or small, thin or stout - want the seat to be comfortable as soon as they sit down. But they really don't have much time to adjust the seat to their preferred position in a conference room or touchdown workstation. Other things are more important at the time and it has to be right away. Conditions that allow se: the joy of proudly demonstrating its strengths. It offers ergonomic seating comfort right out of the box, for everyone.

More home, less office.

The home office is becoming an integral part of the modern working world for more and more people, either as an extension of their desk or as their main workplace. And there are differences in the frequency of home office use. But there is one common trend when it comes to furniture. They need to be attractive and reflect personal style, which is even more important when the office is at home. Case in point for Se:joy, primarily a modern swivel chair that people like to have in their home as well.


Martin Ballendat

Martin Ballendat

There is no really good design without emotionality.

Easy office- and conference swivel chair se:joy


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