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Sedie operative: Se-motion


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Carlo Shayeb, Sedus Design Team
Task chair on castors.
Guaranteed to have a good posture and comfort, Se:flex has a self-adjusting system that adapts each time.


Arrive, sit, go:
you don't have to spend years setting up se:motion, it adjusts automatically for each user. The initial dynamic impression created by the design is reflected in the flexibility that se:motion offers in the office. A spontaneous encounter on the bench? A brief glance at your neighbor?

Simply walk over. Given its practical interchangeable cover, se:motion can be customized in no time without the need for tools.

Design with added value.
In black or light gray, se:motion emanates a sense of dynamic lightness.
Plus, the style is more than just a design statement. The perforated backrest not only sets visual accents, but also ensures elasticity and maximum seating comfort.
The same goes for the ideally positioned lumbar curve and the ergonomically designed seat with thin edges - the impressive-looking design ensures both good posture and mobility.

Create a new look in minutes with interchangeable covers.
Adaptations to corporate identities or changes in society become easy with se:motion - even after purchase, given the unique interchangeable seat and backrest covers.
The upholstery is available in two material versions: with a thin fabric upholstery pattern, or with 3D knitted fabric that makes se:motion especially comfortable.

Functional and ergonomic.


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