In 1956, Germany was still being subjected to a classic style of furnishing.
The whole of Germany? No, because a small bucket seat appeared on the scene that was to change the design of the age.
Its allies came from Scandinavia, the Bauhaus and the avant-garde.
The armchair set flowing forms and sweeping vital lines against the straightness prevalent at the time.
Experiments with new materials and the invention of plastic made this possible.
In the Classic Edition the 369 armchair reminds us of the fact that Walter Knoll was often an advocate
of the avant-garde and that the company is still creating designs today which will enjoy lasting validity.


There is always a team behind a successful product – that is the case with Walter Knoll as well. Thanks to many years of experience, our Research and Development experts have been able to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Always looking for new ways to instill the word design in technology, construction, material, form and function.