Aquarius glass wall

Glass moveable wall, with 3 cm depth frame, available with 5+5 or 6+6 laminated-glass.


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Aquarius is a system of single-glass or double-glass glass walls in the Aquarius Duo version, with aluminium perimeter profiles.

Inside for perimeter profiles there are levellers for glazing and safety anti-unlocking profiles.

Glasses are laminated 5+5, or custom laminated 6+6, with PVC seals between glass and glass.

The doors can be supplied with three types of sash: blind, framed or in glass, with two types of movement: door leaf or sliding in two heights: standard with H 210 cm. or H 260 cm. high: the combination of these parameters allows to offer a very wide range of doors. For further enquiries there is the possibility of tailor-made components.

Although thinner than 3 cm, the wall is stable thanks to the fact that it is fixed to the existing wall structure along the entire perimeter.

It is possible to create integrated dividers, moved by an alternation of full and empty volumes, combining the Aquarius glass wall with the Gemini wall.

The double glazing system makes it possible to create dividers with high soundproofing values.