Executive line, with melamine 38 depth tops and wodden frame, available for single desks, desks with returns, desk with cabinet and pedestal-returns.
Modesty panels, pedestals and cabinets frame realized in metallic white, wooden parts available in walnut or wengè finishes.



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made of melamine enamelled wood conglomerate class E1 with an open-pore wood effect surface finish thickness 38 mm. with ABS 20/10 edge, tinted with the surface.

The desktops are equipped with a rectangular Passpartout cable glands in natural anodized aluminium and a central anti-dust brush, with 290 x 90 mm wiring hole.

made of melamine enamelled melamine coated wood conglomerate class E1 with an open-pore wood effect surface finish, 38 mm thick and ABS 20/10 edge in colour with the surface.

The legs are assembled to the desk top by means of appropriate fastening systems and metal stiffening brackets. The panel sides are equipped with adjustable feet that allow height microadjustment (H. +/-10 mm.) to allow desk levelling.

the structural parts are made of melamine finished wood conglomerate class E1 with 38 mm thick open-pore wood effect and have an ABS 20/10 edge in colour with the surface. These elements are also supplied with a white metal filing cabinet. Bureau and filing cabinet are equipped with nylon swivel wheels. For the bureau on wheels there is a second unit, also completely made of metal, equipped with a door that can be mounted on either the right or left side and an adjustable shelf. This second metal monoblock with door and shelf can also be inserted into the second open space of the load-bearing bureau.

For the Brera series, universal cabinets with a depth of 426 mm are to be used from Centrufficio Loreto, made of melamine conglomerate antiscratch white. These cabinets will be supplied with back made of melamine 10 thickness mm. produced in the same wood effect finish as the worktops and doors.

The doors are made of melamine thickness 18 mm. wood effect and with 20/10 ABS border in tinted. Wood effect flanks and flanges are available, produced with panels 38 mm thick, the same thickness as the worktops.

Also for the Brera series, all the glass doors with aluminium frames are to be used, which are already used on the other pieces of furniture produced exclusively by Centrufficio Loreto.

The structural parts are made of melamine finished melamine finished conglomerate class E1 with an open-pore wood effect surface finish thickness 38 mm. with ABS 20/10 edge in tinted with the surface, while the accessory parts are made of wooden conglomerate 18 mm thick, white colour, slightly veined.

These load-bearing elements are designed in such a way that they can be used for wiring the worktop and are equipped with a white metallic volume, complete with reinforcing metal beams, designed to make the load-bearing element integral to the worktop.

A metal monobloc with three filing cabinets, in white RAL 9003 matt, completes the load-bearing element.
The drawer unit has not only a metal body and drawer front, but also the internal structure of the filing cabinets made of metal sheet metal; all the guides are completed on ball bearings, centralised locking and a safety system that allows the opening of only one drawer at a time.

for desks with a side extension or a load-bearing filing cabinet on one side and a panel side on the opposite side, modesty panels are available in 12/10 press-folded sheet metal, painted in white RAL 9003 matt effect.

The modesty panels are attached to the worktop by means of cylindrical spacers and white metal fixing plates.

Open-top high bookcases with fixed shelves have been included in the range of cabinets in this series.

These elements are made of 38 mm thick melamine coated. wood effect, have a modularity that goes beyond that of the universal cabinets, but are designed in such a way that the double open bookcase has a width of 1350 mm, i.e. corresponding to that of a cabinet with a width of 900 mm., refined to another one with a width of 450 mm. This bookcase made up of two elements can therefore be serially aggregated to cabinets with doors.