Operative line with melamine 18 mm depth tops and metallic “tripod” legs, cablable through horizontal beams. Available in dove-grey, white and light oak and, on demand, in other 19 finishes. Legs available in grey, white and chromed. Available also with frontal or bench configurations, with shared legs.


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The worktops are made of melamine enamelled wooden conglomerate 18 mm thick, with a low formaldehyde content.

The worktops are available in white, lightly veined, oak or dove-coloured solid finishes, with coloured ABS edge. The three standard finishes are available in rapid delivery.

On request, both desks and other furnishing elements (filing cabinets, bookcase doors, etc.) can be produced in a further 19 finishes, according to the “Multicolour” colour chart, with ABS edges in tint.

The structure of the Doria Delta line consists of a pair of under-plan beams and a pair of “easel” terminal legs.

The legs are made of pickled metal tubular tubular metal with rectangular section 70×20 mm. and a thickness of 2 mm, laser cut and perforated.

The legs are welded to the horizontal side with an inclination of 97.5 degrees. The assortment includes, in addition to the single legs per desk and long desk, the shared legs that allow the assembly of the double opposing positions.

Adjustable ground adjustable feet complete the metal legs.

The metal beams have a “C” section that gives them the necessary flexural strength. They are made of pickled sheet metal P11 2 mm thick, the cutting and processing are carried out by punching and subsequent press-folding.

All metal parts are available in white Ral 9003 finish with a smooth matt finish, or slightly glossy bonderized grey.

The bookcases are made with a structure in white melamine enamelled, with a depth of 34.8 cm and two different widths (single or double sash) equal to 45 or 90 cm.

The cabinets can be low (h 83 cm), medium (h 121.4 cm) or high (201.4 cm), to which must be added the height of the finishing top (optional) of 1.8 cm.

The back is manufactured in 18 mm thick melamine thickness. White veined, oak or dove-coloured, with ABS2 mm edges. tinted. The doors and tops are made of melamine 18 mm thick and also available in white veined, oak or dove.

The handles are available in white RAL 9003, or aluminium or chrome plated to the metal legs of the desks in the collection.

The bookcases can be supplied with or without finishing shoulders. Glass doors with anodised natural aluminium frame are available with lock, tempered glass 4 mm thick transparent or satinated. Doors with back lacquered or furred glass in colour are available on request.

The characteristic of the Doria cabinets is the possibility to fit the doors, or the backs indifferently on the two opposite sides of the structure; in this way the compositions can find space in the centre room with opening of the doors on the two opposite sides.

In addition to the classic bookcases, there are cabinets that can be attached to the desks, and that act as a side leg or partition between bench stations. Specifically, the Doria line has low desk side cabinets (height desk), medium (h). 121.4 cm), with front drawer hanging folder holder (h. 121.4 cm) or with load-bearing filing cabinet (height desk).

The DORIA CUBE cabinet is a modular box composed of square compartments each measuring 39 x 39 cm, arranged in columns of 4 compartments.

The compartments of the Doria Cube can be open, or equipped with a door leaf with an opening system push-up.

The doors are available in white, oak, turtledove, in the 19 finishes of “Multicolour” or filmable with drawing supplied by the customer.

A particular application of the Doria Cube is the CUBE LOVE, made with peeled doors with contrasting black and white hearts, like the famous POP work by the artist Robert Indiana.

The accessories available are: under-storey cable gland carrier, suspended metal computer rack, wooden or soundproof screen divider in various sizes, wood panel modesty panel in the same finish as the desk top, cable gland cap/top access, cable gland vertebra.

In addition, a series of accessories are also available for the opposing double workstations, which are mounted on a central rail, positioned between the two opposing desks, through a plug-in system. The rail accessories available are: vertical screens in melamine, or made of methacrylate, metal accessories such as the pantograph lamp, arm holder and shelf.

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