Gemini fitted wall

Storage wall, available in different modules and heights, loaded also with doors.


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Gemini is a cabinet wall: a combination of a partition, soundproofed and fitted with doors, and at the same time a very large shelf cupboard.

The wall is available in modules of 50 or 100 cm, 270 or 300 cm high, 43 cm thick; the system provides side and top panels to achieve a complete division of the ambients.

The interior can be equipped with wooden shelves, the thickness of which is 3 cm. prevents deformation even with heavy loads, or with shelves in painted sheet metal, with filing cabinets or with frames.

The connecting doors between the equipped walls can be blind, framed or glazed, with swinging or sliding movement and height H210 cm.

The GEMINI wall-mounted wall system is easily adaptable to any room where a particular wall square or levelling of the floor is not required; in fact, adjustable feet, horizontal and vertical buffer strips can conceal any imperfection of the room.

The GEMINI wall system has good soundproofing.

It also allows the passage of electrical, computer, telephone cables, through the technical compartment module, e. g. electrical sockets at a height of 20 cm, or switches next to door panels, with special housings without compromising the external appearance.

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The Gemini equipped wall is formed as follows:
• from chipboard shoulders 25 mm thick in silver finish with pvc edges in hue
• 3 fixed structural shelves, at predetermined heights, 30 mm thick silver finish with pvc edges in tinted colour
• a variable number of 30 mm thick, silver-plated shelves with matching pvc edges.
• on request, metal shelves can be supplied painted ral varnished. 9006
• 18 mm thick doors, backrests and upholstery in standard finishes
• Silver-coloured handles (positioned horizontally).

Wall Size:

total wall thickness 430 mm
backrest thickness 18 mm
shoulder thickness 25 mm

doors thickness. 18 mm

shelf thickness  30 mm
wall thickness horizontal /vert. 18 mm