Glass Doria

Executive line with glass 10 mm depth tops and metallic “bridge” legs, cablable through horizontal beams.
Tops available in white, moka, ecrù, dark red and black.
Legs available in grey, white and chromed.


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The version with “semi-executive” glass tops of the Doria collection consists of extra-clear tempered glass tops 10 mm thick, retrolacquered in 5 colours: extra-white, mocha, dark red, ecrus and black, with glossy flush ground edges and rounded edges.

The glass tops are attached to the metal support structure using stainless steel spacers with a diameter of 30 mm. and height of mm. 15, glued to the top in back-lacquered glass.

The stainless steel spacer is bonded to the glass surface after varnishing with the help of an adhesive that ensures the appropriate structural seal on the glass even in the presence of a coloured paint film.

This production process allows to have a glass top completely back-lacquered in the desired finish, without interruptions due to the presence of anchorage points to the structure.

Appropriate head caps mask the anchoring of the beams to the metal leg.




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