Operative line with melamine 30 mm depth tops and metallic “T” legs, cablablel both horizontal and vertical.
Available in in solid grey finish, birch veined or white veined.


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The linear, curved worktops for workstations, fittings and peninsulas, for assembly tables, are made of scratch-resistant melamine wood conglomerate, thickness mm. 30, in solid grey finish, birch veined or white veined. The four standard colours are ready for delivery.

All tops are edged in ABS 30/10 with bevelled profile on all sides, in tint with the worktop.

The metal structure is made with a system that includes a central, electrifiable and wired beam, connected to two side legs, which can also be wired.

The side legs are closed and finished with covers, which can be unhooked thanks to a snap system, to keep any cables covered and hidden inside the structure.

The central beam is telescopic and can therefore be used on different desk lengths.

The entire metal structure is made of aluminium or white ral 9003, painted with epoxy powders.

The desk dividers can be made of coloured methacrylate or sound absorbing material and are attached to the desk by means of special clamps.

The modular cabinets produced in standard aluminium or white finishes, with width 45/90 cm. and heights 83/121/201,4 cm., can be supplied with wooden doors, tempered glass doors and glass doors with aluminium frame.

The doors and wooden tops are made in the same finish as the desks.

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