Generously dimensioned and elegant, Sedus quarterback is an office swivel chair that significantly enhances productive well-being. The especially high backrest secures the body firmly and, in any position, encourages concentrated working.
But it is not just the generous backrest that is convincing – dynamic lines, the striking silhouette and a wide range of versions with different features and colours express a variety of styles. A chair full of character you’ll be happy to confide in.

Sitting healthy can be so comfortable.

Comfortable, spacious and yet with remarkable lightness – the Sedus quarterback combines timeless design with perfect ergonomics. The armrests striving towards the front underline the dynamic expression of the side line and highlight the high level of seating comfort. A quality that is complemented by sophisticated technology and individual customisation options. All three types of upholstery to choose from for the backrest not only support the back, but also enhance the elegant appearance.

Upright well-being.

Working upright and being concentrated or simply leaning back and relaxing? Both are possible with the quarterback swivel chair. Thanks to its especially high backrest, it holds the body securely in any position – irrespective of the person’s size. With a seat depth of 380 mm and a horizontal seat adjustment distance of 60 mm, it provides optimal support for the upper thighs. At the same time, the seat can be inclined by four degrees, enabling a sitting position that is slightly tilted forward and matchers one’s personal needs.

Markus Dörner

Innovative design comes of the tireless quest for new structures. And that’s a fact.

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Quick backrest pressure adjustment
Adjustable lumbar support (80mm)

Backrest with membrane cover

Height-adjustable plastic armrests

Seat mechanism
“Similar” mechanism

Seat height-adjustment
Gaslift with mechanical depth-springing

Plastic base, black

Hard castors for soft floors


No lumbar support
Height-adjustable lumbar support with depth adjustment (depending on version)
Height-adjustable neck support in leather
Coat-hanger (depending on version)
Different cover for backrest upholstery (depending on version)

Backrest with comfort membrane
Backrest upholstered

Without Armrests
3-D armrests with soft-touch covers
3-D armrests with gel-pad covers

Seat mechanism
“Similar” mechanism with seat tilt adjustment
Sliding seat (adjustment range 60 mm)
Seat height-adjustment
Gas lift mechanism

Aluminium base, powder-coated black
Aluminium base, powder-coated white aluminium
Aluminium base, powder-coated white
Aluminium base, polished

Soft castors for hard floors
Partially assembled (depending on version)
Two-piece pre-assembled (depending on version)