Tetrix Desk

Tetrix is colourful fabric panels, available in different dimensions that perfectly combines aesthetic and sound absorption, suitable in any situation where acoustic comfort is desired.


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Tetrix is an acoustic furniture system thatimproves the acoustic comfort of workingspace and public spaces in whichisapplied.
Born with the idea to solve the technical need of reducing the reverberation time and, whereas to decorate the internal surfaces, using colourful block panels that somehow remember the well known videogame; On demand is possible to create different block dimensions (between 20×20 cm. till 120×200 cm.) in order to give space at the artistic creativity and, the better aesthetic correspondence of the single project.
Is a certified product responding to the actual european laws on acoustic absorption measurements reaching high values of acoustic absorption, classified on fire reaction regulations as possible to be inserted in public and private spaces.
Tetrix is a green-friendly element, produced with polysterfiber after the PET bottle recycle process, furthermore recyclable, allow to gain useful points to reach the LEED certifications desired, where required.
Is available for application:
– As acoustic absortpion desk screen, mechanically fixed or just as a movable freestanding.
– Directly on wall and ceiling.
– Suspended from ceiling as Baffle element vertically or horizontally.
– Suspended from ceiling as cloud element.
– As Freestanding Panel on floor that create dynamic wall partitions with different height from 120 cm. till
over 200 cm.

Colours and materials Tetrix

Minimum orders for these finishes with delivery in 35 days: 30 sqm.