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Rethinking and changing: whereas rigid structures with individual offices were long the dominant feature, today it is dynamic project work that dominates, with variable teams in flexible locations.
Discussions, decision and work take place in the location that is best from an efficiency and results standpoint-such as in a Sedus turn around, which has been developed especially to satisfy the requirements of team and project work.

Working at eye level.

From working at high desks to temporary workplaces – wherever people work together and flexibility is required, the strengths of turn around come to the fore. With its comfortable upholstery and the round shape, it literally snuggles up and olso provides pleasant support when you move.
Thanks to the ergonomic design, any seat position is immediately perceived as ideal – without first having to adjust anything.

Working at a high desk? Please take a seat.

It is impossible to imagine the modern office world without high desks. However, they are not only used for working and communicating while standing. With the matching high chairs, they can also play to their strengths while sitting. For istance, with the turn around high desk chair, which combines mobility whith safe support. It starts when sitting down, when the braked castors provide safety. Nor has the seating comfort been forgotten. Even different leg lengths are not a problem with the turn around high desk chair, because you can simply change the height of its pratical footring.

Judith Daur – Sedus Design Team

Product design should appeal at first glance, then surprise and ultimately function long term. The more clearly you can read the essence of the idea behind a product, the easier in will be to understand and the stronger the emotional ties will be.


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Seat height-adjustment
Gas lift mechanism

Aluminium base, powder-coated black

Model colour (mechanism and palstic parts)

Braked castors
Hard castors for soft floors


Different cover for backrest upholstery

Aluminium base, powder-coated white

Model colour (mechanism and palstic parts)

Soft castors for hard floors
Plastic glide
Felt glide