Uni storage

Open cabinet in aluminum or in white colour
W90 D42,6 H83


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The elements are modular with a width of 45 cm L or 90 cm L. the height of the container is modulated on that of the DOX collector: the low cabinets H 83 are designed to accommodate two DOX shelves, the medium shelves H 121 to contain 3, the high shelves H 201.4 to contain 5.
The available depths are 33 or 42.6 cm the casing of the container is in scratch-resistant melamine coated aluminium or white.Sides, base and crown have thickness mm 18, while shelves have a thickness of mm25 and the back panel has thickness mm 10.
Wooden doors, available with or without Genser model lock (with folding flat type key) and tops follow the characteristics of the furnishing line and Multicolor colour chart.
The glass doors have thickness mm 5 and are made of transparent tempered glass or satin finish available with or without lock of model Verser; they are also supplied in the solution with aluminium frame without lock.