Studio Leoni

The realization for ADM International Service srl – Studio Leoni & Partners, in via Statuto 4 in Milan, a consulting firm for the Work, operating since 1979, specialized in the maintenance of payroll.
Their goal was to have more workstation while maintaining the same space; our main intervention was, therefore, to demolish and rebuild the spaces.
The solutions proposed for space management have been realized with:
New Arianna wall units, proposed in oak and white, are walls that can be considered as storage units with a primary storage function.
the New Dedalo partition walls
The furnishings of the New Rossana line were supplied to maintain the same type of finish. Creating a solution with central islands separated by front dividing panels and perpendicular to the windows in order to guarantee: the right exposure to light and access to the cabinets placed behind the workstations.
The intervention also involved the creation of the floor, a floating solution was chosen to allow the best distribution of the systems and also a better integration, with the gluing of the same finish, to the existing floor for technical steps, for the armored door and services via connecting ramps.
Query chairs with folding seat, black mesh backrest and ABS and aluminum support table were chosen for the meeting and lecture hall.