How to choose your office chair

5 characteristics to keep in mind in order to make the right choice at the time of purchase.

Choosing an office chair seems a small business, but considering that a worker spends almost 2,300 hours sitting in a year, the chair becomes a fundamental element for one’s well-being.

For a careful choice we suggest you 5 aspects to keep in mind to make the right purchase.

  1. Height: it must be adjustable both of the seatback and of the seat to have the best support and leave the natural curve of the spine intact


  1. Wheels: they must be self-braking by law (the chair without the person seated above, must not run freely: a chair with unbraked wheels could move away from the original position when you get up with a sudden movement, running risk of falling to the ground), are also differentiated between rubberized and non-rubberized.


  1. Armrests: they must be adjustable in height, to make the arms relax. The height of the armrest must be such that the forearm is always resting on the desk. They must also allow the seat to slide under the shelf so as not to be too far from the work surface.


  1. Back: it must not be too low because it must support the whole back, especially the lumbar part that generates more pain if the posture is not the correct one.


  1. Padding: An anatomically perfect office chair must have the padding on the seat and on the back.


If you do not feel comfortable with your office chair, always ask to change it: it’s a matter of your health!