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15 Sep, 2020
CARTESIO, the new locker system by CMR Project

In offices, the locker system is increasingly used as it integrates different needs: from having storage units to store documents, to having open bookcases for exhibition purposes, to having a personal compartment to store bags, helmets, PCs or other valuables.

Cartesio, a locker system with a refined and functional design designed by Giovanni Giacobone – CMR Project, comes from this need for new flexibility in offices.

Cartesio is a metal modular structure with a light, clean and elegant line, with a formal cleanliness that makes it suitable to be inserted in operational contexts, waiting or informal areas, but also in executive spaces.

Cartesio consists of a metal grid in which box lockers, wardrobes, fixed shelves, seat cushions and storage trays – which can also become flower boxes if necessary – are inserted, thus becoming a very decorative piece of furniture that is also functional.

It best expresses its design concept when used as a dividing element in the centre of the room, to separate open spaces areas and create privacy between workstations, although it can also be easily placed next to the wall.

It can have three heights: seat height, middle height and full height. Its length, instead, is dictated by the modular repetition of the elements that make it up.

The locker boxes, wardrobes, fixed shelves and object trays are made of 18 mm thick melamine. All types of boxes are equipped with metal doors, 10 mm thick, with recessed handle and lock. For the wardrobe boxes, the relative clothes hanger tube is provided.

A special feature of the composition is that all fixing systems are suitably concealed, and the joint between uprights and transoms is not visible, but rather enhanced by the detail of the 45° cut of the metal heads.

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