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9 Nov, 2020
HOME OFFICE: how to do it

In these months we have witnessed more and more an increase in home working, for the obvious reasons related to this particular historical moment.

Companies have had to rush to reorganize their way of working, creating or implementing new tools, especially IT tools (sharing platforms, interaction modes, etc.), to create an ideal environment in which to work in the home office.

As already pointed out other times, regardless of the particular moment we are living, in which we are almost “forced” to use remote working, we think that working from home must be regulated and carried out according to a precise plan, which provides for a total reorganization of the company (even at leadership levels) and an alternation office/home, so as not to affect too much peer-to-peer and top-down relationships, as well as the social aspect of the work, which is also important for the professional development of the individual and the company itself: this is the real smart working.

So how to do it now, in this emergency period?

It is clear that those who work from home must have all the tools to avoid creating in the worker technostress related to the misuse or lack of IT tools, thus creating a waste of time and, consequently, stress linked, for example, to late deliveries.

Once the IT aspect it solved, however, it is important that the worker is also in a comfortable situation, which repropose the comfort created with so much effort in the workplace, to avoid causing physical problems (such as, for example, skeletal muscle due to incorrect posture).

We recommend, therefore, the use of a “basic” equipment of the home office workstation: desk (better if it can be raised in height), ergonomic seat, pedestal or suitable storage system, small ergonomic accessories (such as, for example, footrest, table lamps, monitor holder, etc. …).

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