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Phone Booth

Concentration spaces, mini-offices in which acoustics, lighting, ergonomics and air treatment work together with the unique goal of making the environment as suitable as possible for distraction-free calls or moments and individual work. Phone booths, available for 2, 4 or more people, also allow informal or small meetings as well as presentations through the installation of monitors or integrated audio technologies. Inside the phone booth there is both maximum acoustic isolation, which guarantees user privacy and prevents interference from outside, and optimal acoustic comfort, thanks to the use of sound-absorbing materials on all sides of the booth.


One of the most important aspects to consider when designing an office is: acoustics. Many times, when working in an open space or in an office with many people, you come home with a headache or with the impression of having done nothing. The reason is often associated with poor acoustics, or the echoing of voices and office noises (telephones, computer keys, etc.) within a shared space, without this resonance being reduced. Sound-absorbing panels are the answer to this growing problem, as they improve the acoustics of spaces and, therefore, reduce the stress of operators, while increasing their productivity…

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