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Executive Desks

The executive desks are characterized by a larger size, by side tables and side cabinets and by an aesthetic more oriented to the concept of “representative furniture”.

In the executive offices, ergonomics gives way to a design more oriented to the appearance and to the welcoming and comfort of the space for visitors.

The desk is very often not only supplied with design side elements, equipped with glass units and design bookcases, but it is also accessorized with small elements which make it more prestigious, such as leather desk pads and top access covered with the same veneer of the worktop.


The whole executive office has to be also coordinated in the various parts which compose it: it often contains small lounges for informal meetings, as well as coffee tables and cabinets which hide small refrigerators or coffee machines.

The main function of the executive office is normally to receive guests and visitors, and it is therefore important that the desk conveys the “personality” of the company, through the use of classic, modern, high-tech furniture, etc…

The director or the manager, however, does not deal only with PR, and it is therefore important that their desk is also comfortable for standard office work and so it has to be equipped with a suitable electrification and has the minimum dimensions required by law (h. min. 73.5 cm above the top).

In the past it was common to find executive desks made of wood or even solid wood, although recently it is more likely that they are made of wood veneer, glass or laminate (even melamine is gradually entering the world of executive desks).

As concerns the colors, the ones with typical wood grain are considered “higher”, rather than the use of solid color finishes, such as walnut of cherrywood, or even light colors, such as oak.

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