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Sound Absorbing Panels

Acoustics in an office is one of the most important aspects: how often, working in an open space or in an office with many people, do you go home with a headache or with the impression of having done nothing? The reason is often associated with poor acoustics, i.e., the rumbling of various office voices and noises (telephones, computer keys, etc.) within a shared space without this reverberation being dampen in any way.

Acoustic panels are the answer to this growing problem, as they improve the acoustics of spaces and, as a result, reduce the stress on operators, also increasing their productivity.


In addition, recently, the acoustic panel is no longer just a purely technical panel, but has also taken on a furnishing and design function, thus enriching and giving character to the offices.

There are different types of acoustic panels: to be installed on the wall, desk, floor or ceiling, but their quantity and positioning must be studied by a specialized technician who, analyzing the reverberations of the spaces, defines the right compromise to achieve optimal acoustic comfort also on the basis of the construction materials used (for example, the type of floor, false ceiling, etc…),.

With regard to sound absorption, there are specific laboratory tests and consequent certifications that define the sound absorption class (which varies depending on the use): all CUF Milano panels are certified both in terms of acoustic and fire reaction.

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