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Bookcases and office cabinets

Office cabinets are the classic archive storage units you find in the office, with different heights, depths and types of doors. Generally, the office storage unit follows the design of the rest of the furniture, and therefore, each line of furniture has its own line of cabinets. View here the assortment of operational furniture and here that of executive furniture.

Bookcases are open containers, used mostly for display of material, and very rarely as an archive. They are therefore often used in meeting rooms, waiting rooms or executive offices, and can be mounted on the wall, in the middle of the room or joined to desks. Lockers, on the other hand, are modular containers, open or closed, composed of several…


compartments with different functions. They are often used as bag holders and assigned to workers for personal items, and have locks ranging from classic keys to magnetic cards to openings through apps.

When drawing up the layout of an office, it is very important to calculate how much archive space is necessary for each operator unless there is the risk of finding the folders on the floor or stacked in a corner, compromising not only the design of the spaces, but also the operativeness of the workers

Lockers are very comfortable and used because, thanks to their modularity, they can have multiple uses within a single block: in a single composition, closed wardrobe modules, totally open modules for planters or design objects, cubes used as bag holders, open modules that act as bookcases, etc… can coexist.

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