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Operative Desks

The operative desks differ from the executive ones because they are usually used in larger areas (especially open spaces), where several operators share the same work environment.

They have to be ergonomic (respecting the minimum dimensions, at least 120x80xh. 73,5 cm), easily reconfigurable to create in-line composition or benches and can be equipped with electrification systems and screen dividers.
It is important, especially if there are many operators, that they are equipped with acoustic systems, such as acoustic screens, which allow to work in more comfortable spaces…


Speaking of comfort…

It is important that those who work at the desk 8 hours a day, limit as much as possible any musculoskeletal disorders due to prolonged sitting posture, and for this reason, in addition to having a good ergonomic seat, it is possible to use elevating desks, which allow the operator to work partially standing (it is recommended to raise the desk for at least 2 hours a day). It has been proved that this not only reduces chronic posture-related diseases but also increases productivity by about 30%.

An additional accessory that can be useful in terms of comfort, is a laptop holder and bag holder integrated into the desk, which makes the desk more comfortable and safer.

And what about design?

The operative desks are often configurated in benches, i.e. workstation systems which create work areas. The benches are often equipped with dividing systems or acoustic screens to ensure privacy between the different workstations and have central rails in which it is possible to fix a series of accessories such as lamps, shelves, monitor holders, etc..

In addition to functional and ergonomic aspects, aesthetic also plays an important role in the choice of workstations: from the color to the choice of the materials, from the shape of the legs to the type of accessories which complete the desks; view our gallery and choose the furniture more suitable for your environment.

For further details concerning the design and the choice of operative furniture in the post-covid era, please read our in-depth analysis at the following link.

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