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Office Partition Walls

Office partition walls are very important because they are the first to characterize an office, and therefore they must follow the colors and finishes chosen for the furniture. There are different types depending on the intended use, the need for wire management, acoustic performance and, of course, the design.

An important aspect to keep in mind when choosing a partition wall is the noise reduction: panel walls with a cavity in which sound insulation material can be inserted in order to reduce many more decibels, for example, than glass walls. The walls are mounted through profiles, with a different design, and anchored to the ceiling, floor and perimeter walls…


There are particular walls that have profiles that are not anchored to the ground, to be used in case you want to preserve the floor, without drilling it.

Often, for environments with very high ceilings, higher than 4/4.5 meters, you can create real “boxes” of walls, which are also attached to special technical suspended ceilings, then fixed to the ceiling.

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