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Office Sofas

The sofas in the offices are mainly used in the lounge, waiting and breakout areas, or as a furnishing accessory in an executive office or in large operative open spaces.

In operative offices, in particular, acoustic or sound-absorbing sofas are often used, i.e. seats that have the dual function of relaxing and creating a privacy area where it is easier to concentrate or make phone calls, because of the sound absorption essential in a large area where several operators speak and use noisy instruments. In the waiting and executive areas, on the other hand, executive office sofas are often used, which are therefore cosy and comfortable but at the same time have an attractive design…


Unlike sofas used for private purposes, in the offices items with lower backrest and without armrests are preferrred, and very often they are equipped with useful accessories, such as sockets for charging cell phones or laptops.

Finally, poufs are increasingly used, i.e. volumes without backrest (cylindrical or cubic) padded and upholstered with various types of fabric, which can have the dual function of seat and coffee table, and are easily modular, as well as light and therefore easy to handle to be reconfigured according to needs.

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