Compact and manoeuvrable wall

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Soundproof manoeuvrable walls made up of independent, individually operated elements.

Sliding along the ceiling rails with single and double-bar systems, without floor guides.

Aluminium slide rails, alloy EN – AW 6005 T6, anodised 20 micron thick.

Sound insulation index from RW=35 db to RW=58 db.

Surface finishes in CPL laminate in white, grey and ivory.

Wall thickness from cm 7.0 to cm 10.6

The function of the manoeuvrable wall is to form a partition that can be removed easily and quickly if necessary.

Since the panels of the maneuverable wall are literally hung on a top rail, the ceiling must be load-bearing. If this condition does not exist, the wall will be supplied complete with an adequate structure, suitably scaled and evaluated at the time of the survey.