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15 Apr, 2021

Fei, from the French feuille, meaning leaf, came out of the need to furnish with acoustics in a simple way that can be remodelled and adapted to any environment.

Fei, in fact, is a free-standing sound-absorbing and decorative panel, made of 100% polyester fiber, totally recyclable and produced through the recycling of PET plastic bottles: for this reason, it is a sustainable material that also allows to obtain points for LEED classification.

It is a double-sided, reversible and self-supporting panel, supported by a metal base.

The idea that architect Paola Ripamonti (R&S Centrufficio) had, was to create a product that could immediately convey the sustainability behind its production, and to transform the office into a place that is certainly more acoustically comfortable, but also more beautiful and reminiscent of nature.

Fei is highly configurable according to requirements, and it is recommended to use it in open-space environments or offices with many people, possibly in combination with a biophilic idea, even only by placing plants in the rooms or using stabilized green on the walls.

Now available for immediate delivery in two finishes: click here for more info.

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