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11 Nov, 2022
Highlights – Orgatec

Finally Orgatec! After 4 years of stop due to Covid, the international office (and not only) furniture fair was finally held in October.
It was comforting to return to our usual stand and meet colleagues, friends, and customers from all over the world.
This year we wanted to propose our “new vision of work”, as the payoff of the fair suggested: a dynamic, colorful, green, flexible and eclectic environment.
Above all, the Fusion Outdoor, designed by John Bennett and Sakura Adachi, who is the cousin of the iconic Fusion: a system that can be integrated with the Fusion Indoor, but built to work outdoors, thanks to construction materials resistant to atmospheric agents, as well as a Japanese style awning for shelter from the sun.
Alongside the Fusion Outdoor, we present a series of colored acoustic systems with an attractive design: the acoustic sofas Diva, designed by Itamar Harari and the sound-absorbing panels Cortina, Saturn and Jupiter, made by Paola Ripamonti from our CUF Milano Lab. Acoustics, wellness, comfort: our new office cannot exist without these three themes. A new office in which the person is at the center, and finds, within the working environment, a fluid system that allows him, according to his needs, to concentrate, relax, share and express his creativity.

Another focal point that we wanted to represent with our stand in Orgatec is the attention to the environment, and to try to bring circular economies and sustainable materials into industrial production: this is how R&M (read and meet) is born, a multipurpose table on a linoluem top and the Caffeine planter, created with bioplastics deriving from coffee grounds. Both products are born from the pen of the Venetian Matteo Silverio.

Absolute novelty is also the Jaleed wall, that is transparent: a double glazed wall, designed by Roberto Fantini, with very thin profiles and very high acoustic insulation.

Finally, for the “representation” section, we propose Bold, or rather courageous: a slim, slender executive office with extremely advanced and evolved aesthetics: a veneered cantilevered top with a 60 ° cut that rests on a simple and functional extension. Also designed by Matteo Silverio.

There is no shortage of top sales from recent years: Seventy Seven by Progetto CMR, Vittoria by Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Fusion by John Bennett and Sakura Adachi; all framed by greenery, the cornerstone of biophilia, which sometimes reaches an autumnal flavor, sometimes woodland, sometimes luxuriant: so welcome to CUF Milano’s Jungle office!

Lastly: thanks to all those who collaborated on the project, the designers, CUF Milano Lab, the export team, the logistics staff, the fitters. See you in two years!

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