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31 Jan, 2023
Less is … Bold!

CUFMilano, the design brand of Centrufficio, presents Bold, the collection developed in collaboration with the designer Matteo Silverio that breaks the schemes of classic executive offices.
Designed with the aim of deconstructing and recomposing the classic desk, it stems from the desire to create a product which, in addition to fulfilling its primary functionality (being a desk), has a strong formal and sculptural identity.
Bold, design by Matteo Silverio, is the classic deconstructed and recomposed desk.
An apparently simple object, made up of a few elements but which actually contains a high level of complexity because the few pieces have been designed in such a way as to make the entire structure solid and also easy to assemble.
The suspended top, with the milled edge to emphasize its lightness, recall the wing of a seagull but also the blade of an oar. Both, as well as being a legacy of the designer’s Venetian origins, are technological jewels because they are light and resistant at the same time.
Bold is lightness and strength.
A synthesis obtained thanks to the excellent teamwork between the CUF R&D team and the designer Matteo Silverio, taking full advantage of new technologies and using plywood as a material: resistant, easy to process, immediately recognisable.
Last but not least, it is made of wood, therefore natural and recyclable.

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