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Design Giovanni Giacobone by CMR
Cartesio is a modular metal structure with a light, sober and elegant line, designed to meet the needs dictated by new lifestyles and new ways of working.
Its formal cleanliness makes it suitable for operational contexts, waiting or informal areas, but also in executive environments.

Cartesio consists of a metal grid in which lockers, wardrobe boxes, fixed shelves, seat cushions and storage trays are inserted, which may also become planters if necessary, thus becoming a very decorative piece of furniture, but also functional at the same time.

It expresses in the best way its design concept when used as a room divider, to separate open space environments and create privacy between workstations, but it can also be used next to the wall.

It comes in three heights ranging from the seat to the bookcase; the length is instead dictated by the modular repetition of the elements that constitute it.

The metal grid is structurally made up of initial or central sides and pairs of crosspieces. The pairs of crosspieces have a specific function depending on their position and function within the structure which is meant to built and they are not interchangeable with each other.

Both the metal sides and the pairs of beams are made of pickled metal box with section 20 x 20 mm and are joined together by means of M4x14 hexagonal countersunk screws.

The sides are available with a depth of 46 cm in the three heights H1, H3 and H5, while for the wardrobe version they are 60 cm deep. All types of sides are equipped with adjustable feet for floor leveling.

Locker boxes, wardrobe boxes, fixed shelves and storage trays are made of 18 mm melamine.

All types of boxes are equipped with a metal door, 10 mm thick, with recessed handle and lock.

The wardrobe boxes are provided with a clothes hanger tube.

The boxes are fixed using the appropriate M4x25 hexagonal countersunk head screws.

The fixed shelves are made integral with the structure by exerting light pressure so that they click into the appropriate slots, the holding springs of the pair of crosspieces per shelf.

The trays and seat supports are simply inserted into the structure with interlocking joints.

All metal parts are coated with epoxy powders without heavy metals and are available in matt white and matt anthracite.

The melamine boxes are available in Bianco Moon finish, while the storage trays have a Oak Margo finish.

The color of the upholstery of the seat supports is at the customer's discretion and can be chosen from the Mirage upholstery chart.


Design: progetto-CMR

Progetto CMR

Progetto CMR is a company specialized in integrated design, founded in 1994 and led by Massimo Roj, with the aim of creating a flexible, efficient and sustainable architecture. With 12 offices worldwide, and more than 150 architects and engineers, Progetto CMR carries out different scale projects combining an experimental dimension and a multidisciplinary expertise. Since 2010 it is among the top 100 design firms in the world reported by BD World Architecture Top 100. Giovanni Giacobone, architect and designer, directs and coordinates the Industrial Design Division of Progetto CMR since 1999, flanked by Matteo Colombo, creating home and office products that integrate design, technology, functionality and environmental sustainability. The quality of the work done in the design field has been honored with several awards, such as the Red Dot Award 2016, IF Design Award 2016, LUX Middle East Award 2016, ADI Design Index 2003, 2004, 2006, 2014, Grandesign 2004, the Good Design 2008 and 2010.



Matt white structure


Anthracite structure


White Moon melamine boxes and tops


Margò oak melamine trays


White metal doors

Mirage fabric cushions upholstery.


icona CAD
Cad / Bim

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