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Designtech Hub

The DesignTech Hub was created within the new Milan Innovation District (MIND) with the mission to improve people’s lives and the environment around them.

The challenge for the partners involved in setting up the DesignTech coworking space was to create innovative furniture, in collaboration with start-ups and designers who participated in the call4solutions.

Centrufficio, with its CUF Milano brand, accepted the challenge, with the aim of creating sustainable, designer furniture, starting with the award-winning Fusion (original design John Bennett and Sakura Adachi)

Thus was born Fusion green, a system composed of benches and reading tables, made from materials derived from circular economies.

The top, in fact, is made of multilayer wood covered in linoleum, a material of vegetable origin composed of linseed oil and hemp, while, as a division between the desks, a planter (as if it were a “green” wall) has been created, made of bioplastics derived from coffee waste. In addition, air purification technology can be installed inside the planters, with an app system to assess indoor pollution.

J. Bennett – S. Adachi – designers line Fusion
M. Silverio – Fusion-green sustainability add-on designers
WASP and ARCHE3D – 3D printer of the ‘green wall’/fioriere
VITESY – supplier of Natede air purification technology
KRILL DESIGN – supplier of coffee bioplastic

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