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Touring Club

Installation of the new Touring Club offices in Via Tacito, Milan, the design and construction of which was completely entrusted to Centrufficio Loreto.

The main difficulty with the contract was the tight timeframe that the client had: in fact, from the first design phase, the work had to be completed within 2 and a half months. The design of the 4 new office floors required a dozen new versions of the initial design, so much of the time available was taken up by the design phase.

In the executive phase, Centrufficio took care of the construction of the new offices on a turnkey basis: in fact, in addition to the furniture, the seating and the walls, the flooring, the refurbishment of the systems, the necessary building work, the plasterboard and the lighting were also supplied. Part of the work was then the realization of some types of custom-made furniture and walls, based on the request of the customer and the division of space.

Layout Design: Arch. Paolo Turconi

 Executive Designer and Work Direction: Arch. Valerio Cremonesi

 Commercial Contact: Palma Armenti

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