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A guide in points

Your workspace is the heart of your professional environment. An organized environment not only improves productivity but also enhances well-being. Here are some suggestions from CUFMilano that you can easily follow.

1. Spotlight on Ergonomics

  • Invest in a comfortable and adjustable chair to support the correct posture and reduce physical stress.
  • Adjust the desk height so that the elbows form a 90-degree angle, and the feet rest flat on the ground or on a footrest.

2. Optimal Lighting

  • Position the desk near a window to take advantage of natural light.
  • Integrate lighting with adjustable lamps to avoid visual fatigue.

3. Space Organization

  • Use shelves or drawers to keep documents and supplies organized and easily accessible.
  • Hide cables with cable organizers or management solutions to reduce clutter and prevent tangling.

4. Personalization and Comfort

  • Personalize the desk by adding inspirational details, such as plants or paintings, to make the space more inviting.
  • Use rugs or mouse and keyboard pads to improve comfort during long working hours.

5. Digital Optimization

  • Position the monitor and various devices to reduce glare and maintain a comfortable view.
  • Use folders and tabs to organize files on the desktop, keeping a tidy digital workspace.

6. Active Breaks and Movement

  • Take short breaks to move and stretch, reducing fatigue and improving circulation.
  • Use accessories such as ergonomic footrests to stimulate blood circulation.

Following these points will help you create a comfortable and functional work environment, improving your productivity and well-being during the long hours spent in the office.

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